Welcome to my portfolio

My portfolio work involves multiple brands. Each brand is unique and independent. All brands have a different strategy and goal among several areas of content management, branding, a online store, social media, and business strategies.

Some of these projects were the short term and others are mid-term.  This project shows diverse development techniques and capabilities. From traditional web design to completing digital marketing and social marketing tasks. 


More followers by 400%
350+ Likes
5k reach monthly Engagement Rate 3%

Social Media

Increased leads by 30%
1000+ Likes                        500 Reach daily Engagement Rate 3%

Website Design 

Dana macc client testimonial review

Website Design                Website Store Design Instagram Audit + Optimization

Project still going 

Increased leads by 30%
500+ Likes                        5500 Reach per ads Engagement Rate 3%

 Website Design 

Increased leads by 5% 800+ New Instagram Followers 

4000 Organic Reach Monthly Average  Engagement Rate 7% Monthly Average


Created over 800 Designs Social Media paid and organic campaigns in 10 months of project. 

Over 120+ contents created for 7  social media channels monthly

Accepting New Clients

We offer a series of services. Helping small business owners with strong marketing strategies and providing results. 

Fuel your brand and drive results without tough contract and extra fees.