New Online Businesses Potential

The portfolio of these brands involve portions of branding, challenges, strategies, and results. Each of these amazing entrepreneurs has different needs, goals, and plans. Part of my work was consulting, managing, designing, creating content, and creating reports.

More followers by 400%
350+ Likes
5k reach monthly Engagement Rate 3%

Social Media

Increased leads by 30%
1000+ Likes                        500 Reach daily Engagement Rate 3%

Website Design 

Dana macc client testimonial review

Website Design                Website Store Design Instagram Audit + Optimization

Project still going 

Increased leads by 30%
500+ Likes                        5500 Reach per ads Engagement Rate 3%

 Website Design 

Increased leads by 5% 800+ New Instagram Followers 

4000 Organic Reach Monthly Average  Engagement Rate 19.5% Monthly Average

Accepting New Clients

We offer a series of services. Helping small business owners with strong marketing strategies and providing results. 

Fuel your brand and drive results with 100% trust and loyalty.