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Your Social Media Freelancer Manager, Content Creator and Brand-Influencer

Hello, I'm Camila creative Influencer

I specialize in creating tailored social media strategies that boost your brand and drive engagement. From content creation and social media advertising to analytics, I provide comprehensive services to make your business shine online.

With a deep understanding of social media trends, I work to optimize your presence, increase brand awareness, and build meaningful audience connections. Whether you’re a small business or an established brand, my goal is to help you grow and succeed with effective social media management.

Let’s work together to navigate the digital world with confidence and achieve your business goals.

"Good content resonates, great content inspires"
Camila Fontes

Creative Influencer

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Solution Growing your business

Passionate Influencer Talent who loves Simplicity.

When your social media exudes authenticity, people are naturally inclined to feel more compelled to make a purchase.

Quality service

Encompass expert-level digital marketing and social media management, leveraging proficiency in various platforms and tools to enhance brand visibility, drive engagement, and optimize content strategies

Fast response

Efficiently implementing marketing strategies, conducting research, and making data-driven recommendations to adapt and optimize campaigns promptly. It also includes skillfully managing multiple social media platforms and tools to maintain high engagement and brand visibility.

Personal support

Having chat, phone, and email support readily available when working with clients makes a significant impact on providing exceptional assistance and delivering top-notch work

Planning & Strategy

Monitoring performance, making data-driven recommendations, and implementing optimizations across various marketing channels. With a strong foundation in content strategy development and execution, their planning and strategy skills are a valuable asset in achieving business objectives.

Perfect solution

I offer a range of package deals, services, and à la carte solutions designed to accommodate every budget and cater to your needs at any time

Time saving

Time-saving is the most valuable asset you can invest in. Rather than spending precious hours doing it all yourself, let us take the reins, providing full-service solutions from creation and editing to prompt delivery. Your business is our top priority, and we're dedicated to making a difference by ensuring you receive exceptional service without the stress.



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I'm dedicated to your Project

I’m Camila Fontes. I am a digital marketer and a freelancer.

I am the in growth expert and creator. When I discovered the world of Digital Marketing, I discovered a whole new world full of opportunities and visibility. Today, I get to share this entire journey with you.

Need a Business Website? Let’s Talk. 

For most people, having a website is incredibly important to their business. The first step toward getting more customers is to have your own online destination. We can build completely customized websites that look great and function effectively. Reach out directly to me via WhatsApp to get out of the gate running with your business, website, and brand by providing your email address.



My professional Skill

Passionate Influencer Talent who loves Simplicity.

Analytics, Mac, Canva Design, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Reels, videos,  scheduling tools later.com, tailwindapp.com, and buffer.com plus Google Trends, Google Ads, Google Keywords, SEO websites analytics, Facebook and Instagram Analytics, Google Docs, Slack, Trello, Zoom, and everything else below. 



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Authentic and Professional Social Media Expert

Struggling to Make Your Mark Online? Let's Turn Things Around!

I have been working with small businesses since 2016 helping them build online communities and promote their brand. I believe in building a relationship with my clients and audiences, we connect on the biggest level to support in all ways, so we continue to grow as leaders. 

I am a dedicated professional who does more than meets the eye. If you work with me, it will be an intense and creative process that turns your Social Media into a social space and empowering space to attract people. 
Today, I can provide more resources to my clients. I am certain I have the confidence and abilities to provide what you are seeking. 
Besides my mission to turn a brand around, it is important to say that transparency that most marketing efforts takes outside resources, to make more solid.  
Collaboration, trust and transparency is a priority that I valued. 
Dri Vieira
Dri Vieira@scfood
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" I highly recommend Camila Fontes' excellent marketing work. She is very attentive to the personal details of her clients, and performs everything very carefully. I significantly increased the number of likes and sales through her work. She is always ready to advise the best strategy and takes care of every detail very carefully. Congratulations Camila, your work is wonderful."
Joao Cruz
Joao CruzFounder of Joao Cruz Jiu-Jitsu
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"Camila is a great professional with deep knowledge about how the usage of social media and its intricacies can positively influence your business. Using social media tools can be complicated at times, but Camila has an easy approach to it. She is a great social media consultant and the money spent on her service is well worth."
Robinson F.
Robinson F.@espadasdebrazil
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"She is very professional, never had a content done so well. She is very transparent and I definitely recommend her business."

Elevate Your Social Media Game!

Let's take your business to the next level!
Camila Fontes Social Media Manager in Austin Texas