What my clients have said?
"Camila is a great professional with deep knowledge about how the usage of social media and its intricacies can positively influence your business. Using social media tools can be complicated at times, but Camila has an easy approach to it. She is a great social media consultant and the money spent on her service is well worth."
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Joao Cruz
Founder of Joao Cruz Jiu-Jitsu
" I highly recommend Camila's excellent marketing work. She is very attentive to the personal details of her clients, and performs everything very carefully. I significantly increased the number of likes and sales through her work. She is always ready to advise the best strategy and takes care of every detail very carefully. Congratulations Camila, your work is wonderful."
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Dri Vieira
Owner of SC Food
"Camila, it was just amazing! She captured my style, my topics and refresh my Instagram account with everything I love and work on it. All I have to say is wow. Amazing! I truly recommend her services, knowing that you will get all you want and more. Thank you, Camila, for the fantastic work."
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Roberta Fox
I had the pleasure of working with Camila. Startups are not easy, but Camila came in daily with a contagious energy to continue growing our community of customers. She managed our digital marketing strategy and grew a community from the ground to hundreds of followers with consistent engagement. I highly recommend Camila if you want a digital marketing strategy that will deliver results. She is an asset to any team and will be a critical part of your company's growth.
Maddy D.

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