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Studio Fluire Pilates has been consolidating itself as a large and important pilates studio in the North of big City of Brazil – São Paulo – SP since 2010 working at managing and creating content that promotes engagement on Instagram decided to innovate the studio by changing its entire profile, putting Pilates as a chef car mode, although her business started with the experience with Belly Dancing Fitness over 20 years ago, the studio in 2014 has become specialized in Pilates.


  Pilates has been the new sensation in Brazil, and the competition has increased a lot in the past few years. Today the Studio has gained a new set of services and growth with new elements in the quantic therapy sector among competitors.

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 The business needed a change but the digital marketing was fundamental to express these changes publicably. I wanted to show potential customers the values that set them apart from other Pilates Studios in the area. With a trendy designed studio and the desire to change the way people look at the pilates workouts, 

Re-optimization in business, branding, marketing + business education, student approach plus a brand new web design that express what they really are and what they want to offer plus change the message tone and improve SEO. 

  • Promote  Access Consciousness™ new services  their simple and small appeal and positive outlook formed the designs of the brand , organically building a visibility, and help with other resources that business have to offer. 
  • New web design creation to make a business speaks value, service, and educating her potential clients and students that are in look for a better lifestyle.  With the new services Studio Fluire Pilates sets apart from most competitors. With original photography and an inclusive story. 
  • Google my business – Reviews, Posting and Attracting local searchers. 
  • Local Marketing Targeting Audiences – Targeting the local audiences under 20 miles to reach the brick and mortar business for services and appointment.
  • The Instagram Account got a new Strategy in designing, engaging, connecting, and making sure the content get shared with consistency and the right content. 
We are currently focusing on

Automatic Payments  –  Re-opening during Covid19   – Implement IGTV Videos

Studio Fluire Pilates
Mission and values

Spreading the Message

Studio Fluire Pilates started to innovate the mission and the movement by specializing in quantic therapy such as Access Consciousness™group of therapies that supports humans to make changes and change their lives. Through the process of mantras, reiki, massage on their head and other processes the therapy has innovated so many people and is becoming a successful business in Brazil. Which for me as the Digital Marketer I bring more content, stories, creativity and website informative pages to followers get educated and interested with the concept. 


We changed the consistency often based on analytics. 

International Consideration

We take to consideration the country since is Brazil is a different process and different traction of business. 

Results Recap

Results are constantly changing as I am changing variations and reading the human mind behind the brand. 

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