Case Study

SC Food

SC Food by Dri Veira based in Austin, Texas, a service that helps consumers to continue to eat health. Dri Vieira is a Brazilian nutritionist. She struggled with her life, after a series of health problems, she graduated in Nutrition and dedicated a decade helping patients with healthy diets and her belief is much simpler to stay well and healthy. 


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Food Brand
  1. Content Creation and Curation:
  • Developed a comprehensive content strategy to ensure consistency and engaging content across social media platforms.
  • Created original content, including images, videos, and written posts tailored to the client’s target audience.
  • Curated relevant and high-quality content from industry influencers and thought leaders to increase brand credibility.
  1. Community Management:
  • Monitored social media channels for customer inquiries, comments, and feedback.
  • Responded promptly to customer queries and addressed concerns in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Fostered a positive and engaging community by actively engaging with followers, running contests, and initiating discussions.
  1. Social Media Advertising:
  • Conducted thorough market research to identify the client’s target audience and their preferences.
  • Developed and implemented targeted social media advertising campaigns to reach the desired audience.
  • Optimized ad performance through continuous monitoring and A/B testing of different ad creatives and targeting options.
  1. Analytics and Reporting:
  • Utilized social media analytics tools to track and measure the performance of the client’s social media channels.
  • Generated monthly reports outlining key metrics, such as reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Provided insights and recommendations based on data analysis to optimize future social media strategies.

This project was a short term was done for 3 months only – The business have changed structure in 2023 



  • Increased social media following 150% within 3 month project
  • Improved engagement rate of 50% through consistent and high-quality content.
  • Generated 25 leads/sales through targeted social media advertising campaigns and organic effort 
  • Enhanced brand visibility and credibility through positive customer interactions and community engagement.
  • SC Food grew from zero customer to 400 customers in Facebook 265 customers on Instagram
  • SC Food increased service to customers with medical conditions 
  • SC Food Expanded Business offers Holiday Special Cook and promoting Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years special Menus. 
  • SC Food started to delivered meals for medical offices to support businesses inquires.