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A Quick Fix for Overcoming Blogging Blocks

Blog blocks

A Quick fix for overcoming blogging blocks is never easier, each blogger might be struggling with different factors and concerns. Grammar, inspiration, time are main issues bloggers avoid entering in the club. Attempting to cut excuses and trying to make it better is a start point for this journey on the path of blogging. It is no secret formula but takes a little bit of time and patient.

The moment I started my blog from scratch I wrote things the way I thought it was right, set up a free account not acknowledging the consequences. So I had a hard time with other’s judgment about my writings, the pressure was pushing me down. Situations like this impact us and make our projects in the hold and this experience is not good for anyone. I felt no shame in writing “wrong”. Today even writing challenges still happening, I don’t give up. I just believe that I don’t have to do what society imposes on me to do. I do what makes me happy. If I like to write in my own ways – so be it.

I spent a long time “traumatized” until I start slowly learning to regain the trust in myself in writing again.

Losing this kind of fear takes time, you just have to start writing and get to know what is your voice.

Blogging for me was more personal than professional. Today things have changed. Writing is essential for all source of communication.

As I was learning to speak better I could improve my writings.

Even though I stop making a personal blog I decided to start blogging about Social Media Marketing.

I have decided to take a leap of faith and invest in videos and start my own youtube channel 

I did create my own blog because I want to have full control of my content. WordPress.com don’t give any user full control. The process of transferring blogs it wasn’t easy for me, but honestly, I have zero experience in web development work. 

Outsourcing your projects is not a bad idea especially without experience, finding someone to do the work can be helpful.

What does it take to Blog?

Creating a blog from scratch might require some knowledge besides infrastructure, content, ideas, and SEO but also requires money if you want to pay someone else to do the work. If you are just starting now might not be your option.

However, I have chosen to dedicate more time to my  YouTube videos- because it also supports my improvement with writings – when you learn how to communicate better automatically you will improve the way you write.

Both techniques are great opportunities for anyone who wants to master and become an expert.

Outsourcing tips:

Take a look at this infographic and check the basics and look for Fiverr or Upwork for outsourcing the things you find most difficult to handle. These are sites with thousands of people with skills and talents on the budget to help you create whatever you need.

To get started on your own, I do recommend to follow this infographic


I have decided to outsource my blog after infrastructure was done. Which took a lot of the pressure of my shoulder. I literally purchased a basic theme and someone put together and now I finish the post and SEO.  My thoughts are that when business gets going I will make improvements and great changes to impact more and get myself more familiar with blogging tools.  I am sure you will find that the process isn’t bad after every step taken.

 In reality it takes time and commitment and if you prioritize it you can make it. 



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