Mastering Hashtags: The Dos and Don'ts for Social Media Success

Camila Fontes Blogger


Hashtags Guide - Dos and Don'ts


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, hashtags have emerged as powerful tools for labeling and discovering content. To harness their potential, understanding the dos and don’ts of hashtags is essential. While I may not be an expert, I’ve spent weeks studying them, and I’m here to share my insights to help you make the most of hashtags in your social media strategy.

Hashtag generator tools have simplified the process, but recent changes in social media platforms have made hashtag generation less accessible for free. This post focuses on empowering you to create effective hashtags on your own.

What Are Hashtags?

In simple terms, hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol, which you can include in your social media posts to increase visibility, drive traffic, and expand your audience.

Dos and Don’ts of Hashtags

✅ Do: Keep It Simple and Creative

Avoid using overly long or complex hashtags. Simplicity is key, making it easier for your followers to remember and engage with your content.

Don’t: Overdo It

  • Hashtag Overload: Resist the temptation to flood your posts with hashtags. More is not always better. Instagram requires 30 max hahstags but at times is no need to keep overloading the post with similar hashtags, try to keep diverse but relevant. 
  • Punctuation Problems: Avoid inserting punctuation within hashtags, as it breaks the link to the keyword.
  • Repetition: Using the same hashtag multiple times in one post is redundant and won’t boost its effectiveness. Try to create different lists and keep switching. You can also try to manually research hashtags on Instagram or twitter to help with your content post. 

✅ Do: Be Specific

Hashtags are your ticket to reaching the right audience. Use relevant hashtags related to your niche. Quality over quantity, always.

🚫 Don’t: Hashtag Everything

Not all content needs hashtags. Reserve them for your original content, articles, or posts that require added discoverability.

✅ Do: Understand the Platform

Different social media platforms have varying hashtag norms. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn’t mean you should. On Twitter or Facebook, 1-3 relevant hashtags are sufficient.

🚫 Don’t: Use the Same Hashtag in Every Post

Except for your custom business hashtag, avoid recycling the same hashtag in all your posts. This keeps your content fresh and prevents follower fatigue.

✅ Do: Integrate Hashtags Thoughtfully

Consider placing hashtags in your comments instead of cluttering your captions. This maintains a clean and engaging look for your posts.

Now that you’re armed with the dos and don’ts of hashtag usage, you’re well on your way to making a significant impact on social media. Remember, hashtags are not just symbols; they’re your key to connecting with the right audience. Consistency, relevance, and creativity will pave your path to social media success.


Q1: How many hashtags should I use on Instagram? A1: While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, it’s advisable to aim for quality over quantity. Using 11 relevant hashtags can be more effective than filling your post with 30 unrelated ones.

Q2: Can I use the same hashtag in every post? A2: It’s best to avoid using the same hashtag in every post except for your custom business hashtag. Diversifying your hashtags keeps your content fresh and engaging.


Harnessing the power of hashtags is a fundamental skill in the world of social media marketing. By following these dos and don’ts, you can use hashtags to increase your online presence, drive traffic, and connect with your target audience effectively. Remember, hashtags are not just a trend; they’re a valuable tool to enhance your social media strategy. Now, armed with this knowledge, it’s time to elevate your hashtag game and boost your social media success.