Grow your business with social media like no other. During these hard times, your small business needs branding and visibility need to grow and expand. It is no longer about a tons of followers and a bunch of likes.
Consistency can pay off in different ways.

  I have over 6+ years of working directly with startups, corporations, individuals that impact the way platform changes, but mostly how we can win the system. That is no way to be stuck in the middle of the road.


  • You are a business owner trying to sell your product.
  • You have sold a few things, maybe reach out to few clients, but you don’t pass a certain stage.
  • You get upset and frustrated.  I hear you!!!! I was in the same situation. 
  • You need an income and you want to build an online business because you feel in your heart you have all you got. Some days you feel like about to quit. I understand. We all business owners go thru that. 
  • I know you are caught doing a lot, and there is not time on DIY. Spending time on Social Media is time-consuming, and automation is not your strong asset.
  • You don’t know how things work and how to make them better.
  • You get lost in the middle of many tasks. Your branding seems to be walking backward each day.
  • It takes so much to create, to get inspired, and even engaging.
  • If you could clone yourself, if you could. 
  • You might be yelling HELPPPP by now! 
  • You acknowledge you are one person and you can be enough for so many things you need to get done. 
 As a business owner, an entrepreneur all you want success and results. You want to be able to do your part and get your social media done right for success without setbacks.
That is why I am a digital marketer expert in social media and have worked with Facebook Inc. for over 3 years reviewing content, making sure businesses are on top of their marketing.
I saw an opportunity in chaos. I am here to rescue you from the pain, bringing you the solutions and strategies that will support you all the way.
How would you feel if you have someone who knows best to educate, inform, and support you all the way? How would you feel if your business is giving you what you desire? 
I am sure you going to answer – I would feel happy, and delighted!
This is your chance to build the brand you desire. Share what you have to offer, tapping into their emotions and sharing your story.
Turning your brand into experience requires passion!
Instagram recently announced new updates to support small business owners. This is a great time to get social media management in check. 
Let me build a brand presence that has a voice and a story to share.
Let me perform an audit, tailor branded designs, and give your brand the magic it needs. Your audiences will enjoy your services or products like no other.
Let me spend the hours needed to do your marketing while you serve your customers/clients to your best.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? How would you feel if you have less chaos in your life?
final results


Hire so many people for the job can be a pain! Everyone things different and you need someone who focus on your business goals. Someone who focus on making your platforms scream and speak out loud. Having different people managing different accounts is always a disaster.

social media analytics


I give life to your social media.
Social Media is a powerful tool to put your brand, products, and services in front of the right audiences. I lined up a list of strategies that I tackle for growth. While you front end I am behind the scenes making your social media have a voice.

social media page


Content Marketing is the key element to share the power of your products, services, brand. I tailor and design a powerful content that generated engagement. Your product and services have a voice.

analytics of social media


Hire so many people for the job can be a pain! Everyone things different and you need someone who focus on your business goals. Someone who focus on making your platforms scream and speak out loud. Having different people managing different accounts is always a disaster. Business goals are very important. Running a business with no goal in mind is like driving around in circles. I can make sure your goals and strategies is in check for results.

social media management results


I am a result of drive human being who likes to create a set o momentum with a brand. If you are the one looking for a results-driven expert you found one. Some people might consider a results-driven person as one who always sees the light at the end of a tunnel. If you are seeking results you are in the right place.

social media managing


I know that social media marketing is not for every business owner. Staying on social media all day and be consistent is a work not for so many of us. That is why I help you! Businesses and brands like yours! You are too busy doing what you know best. Now is my turn to do what I know best. Giving your brand the presence it needs to make sure customers and clients are engaging. I focus on what your brand needs. I get the work done while you reap the benefits.


Fresh social media management, done for you, with quality. How I turn your brand into an experience?


  • I create strategic designs that help you fall in love with your brand.
  • I build a strategy plan 
  • I optimize account for improvement and tackle the challenges
  • I provide social media reports
  • I give you the quality engagement 
  • I give you the experience and customer service you won’t find anywhere else. I am not an agency that you have to pass thru so many tears to talk to. I am one person.
  • I provide business hours support to my clients and give them the full journey experience of my work.
  • I am a social media expert passionate to help business owners like you. 
  • I want to make sure your brand gets the look the response needed to maximize any other future efforts you want to do it.
With my proven marketing strategies, your business will see real, authentic results.
Turning your Brand into experience and unlocking your potential with 3 main focus.


Branding presence 2021 is the most important element now. During these difficult times, everyone is online.
Most people are buying, interacting, learning, and investing everything from their devices. If you don’t move fast now you will be leaving behind.  So take this chance and let me plan your strategy for success. 


When you target your efforts to the wrong audiences you are wasting your time and effort. That is why I take a huge step in starting the work by auditing your accounts. 
I check every corner of every square to make sure what is happening has a repair. Optimizing for a change is what it takes to see results.


What would be if you could seat in a chair in front of the ocean without worries? Great feeling, right?

Social Media management is for who loves the work. Is not for everyone. Is for the passionate ones. I turn my passion into profit. I want to turn your business into success. You don’t have to postpone your personal life for this job. 

“Give to someone who knows best so you can reap the benefits.”


What you get?

A clean and well-planned social media account can generate a lot of traffic and engagement for your brand.  There is no better time than now to work on your brand’s visibility and exposure. Now is the time to revamp, recreate, and prepare for better things to come. You can only make the best use of opportunities when you’re fully prepared. 

Free time

You won’t have to sacrifice your personal life for your business anymore.


You will see your funnels speak for itself.


Showing up Building a plan, your audience is seeing your message frequently enough for it to be memorable and make an impact.


You will experience engagement, connections, customer service, and most important a brand that have a voice.


Your brand will look much better giving to audiences a new reaction.


You will see that branding is the most important part of your business right now. 

Our clients say

Amazing Brands Studio Fluire Pilates - Client Case

Studio Fluire Pilates

Small Business Owner

"Camila has been amazing for my company. When I started working with Pilates, I set up my own Studio but, I realized that I had to dedicate myself to the students, but the clients would not fall from Heaven, that's when she, with all her professionalism, remade my entire website, and my social networks had hired someone to make my website and it was a fiasco, I threw my money in the trash, because it was all out of order, that is, it was all a mess. When Camila took over, she came as an angel, he organized the whole area, put everything in place, and even gave me advice on how I would have to act on social networks. And now my company receives calls, customers come from different internet platforms and I'm super happy, every month students and I attend clients in therapies through the work she does for my company. She brought my business to life. Gratitude. Camila.


SC Food By Dri Veira

Small Business Owner

" I highly recommend Camila Fontes' excellent marketing work. She is very attentive to the personal details of her clients, and performs everything very carefully. I significantly increased the number of likes and sales through her work. She is always ready to advise the best strategy and takes care of every detail very carefully. Congratulations Camila, your work is wonderful."​

All of the content I post is created specifically for your business. In addition, if you are looking to rapidly grow your business we can provide different services that supports your growth.

Our clients say

Ashley - Cooper - Testimonial

Ashley Cooper

Ftiness Services Entrepreneur

"Wow, Camila is great I trust her work and her style because she not only gets a business she educated me in a lot in things that I didn't know and I was wasting time and money plus she really did gave the best consultation and report that I need to make things work out for my business"

Joao Cruz - Jiu Jitsu - Testimonial - logo

Joao Cruz

Jiu-Jitsu Professional and Business Owner

"Camila is a great professional with deep knowledge about how the usage of social media and its intricacies can positively influence your business. Using social media tools can be complicated at times, but Camila has an easy approach to it. She is a great social media consultant and the money spent on her service is well worth."

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