SC Food by Dri Vieira


SC Food by Dri Veira based in Austin Texas, a service that helps consumers and clients to to continue to eat healthy. Dri Vieira is a Brazilian nutritionist. She struggle her life with diets and she belief is much simpler ways to eat well and healthy. 

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SC Food by Dri Vieira is not a store is more of a service based and her diet style is eating what you enjoy but with the right portions and right ingredients.  She is the chef of the kitchen and her meals are freshly made with organic and selective herbs and with low to zero acid ingredients. 

SC Food By Dri Vieira is new and is aming to expand and maximize to busy workers, overwhelming parents, and occupied bosses  that are struggling to keep up special diet needs or even  individuals who struggles with medical conditions and require a specific diet.

This project was a short term for 3 months only. 

I see that SC Food by Dri Vieira is a business of entrepreneurship and not local store where traffic would be much accessible.  

Highlight the trend above the competitors. So we want to brand differently and aiming to the right people and use the colors that will pop this brand up and make people shop for.   

Rebranding better is the ideal process of this particular service, which I want to reflect their values and connect with right segment audiences that are passionate for the meals and for their clients health life. 

Educating the audiences that is not hard to eat right, and not impossible to eat what you enjoy the most. This would impact a lot mindsets formed about diet in the generations. 

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Mission is to help busy workers and families.

I wanted SC Food to be unique as part of its community, offering quality and homemade meals that impact their lifestyle in a long term. My  goal was for them to share what they know best that surround competitors don’t have good Brazilian meal with a good diet altogether.

1. Staying Healthy

Helping families don’t miss meals because of the late hours, but the most important the message of the brand is to help people know that is another good option available. 

2. Eat Right

SC Food generate meals with calories, and balanced sizes that is nutritional and healthy for anyone. 

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Contracts 3, 6, 9, 12 months. 

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