Find Your Joy

Find the Joy

The best way to find your joy is to take the first step, by reading this article is important step for you to get the support you need. 

When I was miserable doing the things that I did not like I had to first realize why my life was stuck. I was not getting any universal appreciation or affirmation that I was doing the right thing. 

I thought if I have a great partner it would be enough, then I thought if I have a perfect job would be enough, later on, I realized that we constantly looking for joy in wrong places and at wrong times of our life. Sometimes even in wrong places and people.

Go back for a minute and think of the moment you felt joy. Recap yourself of your moment, the time, the day, what were you standing in your life? Did you have friends? Did you have more time? Did you make more money? Did you simply felt better with yourself? Did you eat simple food? Etc. Probably the moments of joy would not be close to the answers. 

The bad news is there isn’t a formula for joy. The good news is each one of us has to find our individual joy. At least we don’t purchase for joy. For me, I discover joy by losing a job that I thought will make me rich and happy but honestly, I was around the worst; unhappy people, negative experience, always a problem. Nothing that will benefit me to grown and be successful. I was getting sick all the time, I was not receiving an appreciation, it was a terrible environment that I stick around for 3 years. I cannot ignore that this has thought me so much of doing this again. 

I was not in the path of joy.  I know things happen for a reason, and want to believe the reasons that happen is to bring the best of ourselves. I lost my job 3 years later and here in the US, you lose your job without a reason or cause. If they don’t want you anymore they let you go. I believe it was a blessing for me at the end of a couple days of tearing off believe it was not fair. Even when the universe was setting me free I thought it was the worst situation of my life. 

Here is my point. Maybe you are stress out, tired, working too hard and not sure where to start. Believe, I was there myself. Don’t throw a fit. Take small steps first. 

Start with your mind.

Do things that make you happy for a while.

-Recharge yourself as a person. Take a break from the old and even from new things that are overwhelming you.

– Delegate tasks if you can

– Listen to the music that has always made you happy.

-Spend time with the people who have always made you happy.

-Express gratitude: The least you can do is say “thank you.”

-Find purpose: Don’t have hobbies. Have passions. Plan a quitting strategy to leave the job that breaks you apart or the relationship that keeps putting you down.

– Nurture your values.

-Invest in good relationships moving forward.

When things happen in your life it might appear to be awful or scary, but honestly is a reason and an opportunity that at are not always so clear at the moment. There are hidden ventures in our lives that we are still going to experience to better achieve our goals and dreams. We need to be more open to the positive disaster that at times occurs.

Months ago, I was a therapy session with an amazing therapist and she told me her story, and part of her story is that she was a survivor of Katrina’s event. Scary moment of anyone’s lives living that day. Thousands of people lost their homes, friends and family and memories. She though everything she had was enough. 

As any human would feel, she despairs but after few days of settling down she got the payback from the disaster which was not enough to rebuild her old life, but she regains balance and she took the funds and build a new life story. Story short, today she has her Master’s degree and currently taking her Ph.D. 

She decided to follow her dreams, work with what makes her happy, work for herself and open her own office helping other people in need.  She doesn’t have a perfect life, but she chose to spend her life living with contentment where she spends more time experience joy than battling with things that would not take her anywhere. 

It doesn’t mean we have to wait for a struggle or painful experience to change our lives for better. Unfortunately, the universe does not see ourselves taking big decisions, why? because we lack courage, we fear all the time, then the universe forces us to make these changes. Putting us in situations that we can’t explain but sometimes is the actual answer.  

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I want to believe the universe is in our side. Is not about luck, money, a big house or an expensive vehicle is about finding joy. Living every day with a heart filled with gratitude and aspirations. 

I have battled many challenges in my healthy, in my life, in my plans, etc. When I take a look back I see myself stronger and fully in charge of my life. In other words, it means that I am a warrior and a fighter and better women with goals and dreams. When you are stress you can’t deal with absolutely anything you have to embrace joyful things, be surround your favorite things. 

It doesn’t take much to calibrate yourself and meet the best version of you.