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It’s time to hire a top marketing coach to help you get you out of overwhelming and into massive action.

take charge of your business and build your oline business today

Are you...

unsure about how to connect on social media?

create a page, share a post, and briefly chat with people or send emojis. If this is you, this is not how is done! Social Media is beyond than just adding people on your community.

unable to create a content that actually makes real engagements?

Takes devotion to build devoters. Takes time to build trust and attract your audiences but with the right plan we can help you get what you need. 

unable to uncover the channels and marketing?

Marketing is very big and has so much you can do to attract your audience, from social media to videos, to email marketing, website, SEO and so much more. I feel like you might question what is the best route to take all the time. 

struggling to who to share your business to ?

Reaching  to your ideal clients is essential for your business, in the end of the week you need to make sure you are spreading the right message to the right people so your work gets even the right results. 

lost on growth strategies?

Strategies are not meant to last forever. From time to time strategies needs to be upcycle and needs to modify entirely. We are constantly changing and innovating our business and so as others so the mindset always shift so as strategies changes to follow along.

lost among competitors?

competition gets on your way if you look on the negative side. Competitors are a great contributor for your to make better. Digging deeper on your competitors analysis will help you set betters strategies and provide more value to your audience.

unable to maximize existing efforts?

Reaching customers today is different than years ago, today we need more than just a conversation we need to show the value, something that clients or buyers are ready to do right away for free so you are the one to set them to success and no one else. 


clueless of the funnels and sales?

Marketing Funnels are important to attract, convert and delight your consumers. If you don’t know how to attract, convert how they will delight. With a bit a psychology we are able to implement tactics in each stage of the funnels that will impact your business and support your consumers to easily navigate into the funnel. 

unable to apply free automation resources?

It is a lots of options to day to send the freebie to your client, to attract them offline and to provide to your consumers and clients the best free resources that will help them get where they need to be. Once you know where they are hanging out and where you want to go you have everything to make this automation your best friend. 

Camila Fontes Coaching Services
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Are you ready to transform your own business and lead the way?

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners to create a marketing plan, a business strategy, a social media tactics that  connects with their ideal client and apply all marketing techniques that lift a business. 


  • A complete social media audit report 

  • A full social media strategy that incorporates your business goals

  • Customized digital workbook

  • Weekly “homework” and project assignment 

  • Slack account access for unlimited Q&A 

  • A recorded copy of all virtual 1:1 sessions

  • Feedback on your progress 

My Social Media and Marketing Coaching program is design for entrepreneur who want to take reigns of their business and make better decisions, convert the right clients or gain more customers and mostly important building a team with values and standards.

Choose Your Topic of Preference

These coaching classes are suitable for your brand or client’s brand. Despite if you own a business or are a digital creator we all need help in our role. You know some marketing but need more help in a few things that sound more difficult to handle alone.

The coaching classes can help you save frustration, times, disappointment and more. Keeping you in check with what it needs working. These coaching classes maximize and speed your progress.

Individual coaching classes are made to help you during these hard times. Help you and others run the task easier and without false information.

Even if you have a client and need help to expand your knowledge or if you are the one growing your own business. These classes can help you a big time.

Whatever you are right now. You can learn from your own laptop and from your own home straight with me! ​

Social Media Coaching Class

Social Media Intro Course

Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. Social media encompasses a wide range of websites and apps. You will learn social media in general aspect. 

content marketing coaching class

Content Marketing Course

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and how to attract audiences. 

Wordpress Design Coaching Class

Web designing Course

Web design is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and arranging content intended for the Internet. You will learn how to set up, create, design, and strategize.  This class provides full resources, tips, and practical tactics to build pages. 

Branding Your Business Coaching Class

Branding Course

Learn Your Business Brand’s True Super Powers to Increase Your Profits and customers. This class provides a full concept of building a brand, maintaining a brand, and rebranding. How to establish a brand and build a new business structure. Branding comes with story and learn how to tell your story.
Facebook Ads Coaching

Facebook Course

How to grow on Facebook, how to engage, how to make Facebook work for your business? in this class I will teach everything Facebook can do and cannot do for you. This class will pass slight in advertisement. Facebook updates and changes. 
Facebook is one the most major platforms but the way to use it has changed a lot. 

social, social networks, icon

Instagram Course

How to grow on Instagram, the recent updates, and top trending topics and what kind of business Instagram is suitable for and how to leverage Instagram for your brand and how to grow and build a brand in the most popular platform today. Instagram is a fun platform but it requires creativity for be visual and apply the right strategies. 

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