Hey I’m Camila Fontes. Wondering what I do? As a small business owner.  I help small business and entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

I know how to turn your purpose into profit and success. I was not even prepared to land where I am sitting today.

The audience was part of my life presenting in school and becoming a performer for years.

I have worked with phenomenal brands such as NFL, FIFA, and others such as FACEBOOK.

I’ve always valued the power of authentic communication to interact with audiences.

After working with social media I had an ‘a-ha’ moment working with Facebook. I was not even close to a powerful position but I knew I had some power inside me.

I love working with entrepreneurs, even talented passionate experts.

Today my experience empower their business through social media and video marketing.

Why? Because I am doing and others are doing as well and it works. Feels great to be me.

At Facebook I do have the honor to see small and medium brands pos and cons of running business with no experience. I am proud to be in this industry to help others growth and impact their business reaching their goals. We all learning together.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across industries – start ups, small businesses.

My clients often say I allow them to be their authentic selves, and that is what I thrive on. I help my clients increase their visibility and capitalize on their authenticity.

When I’m not coaching people, consulting with clients I am prepping for my filming a YouTube video. At times you can find me at home relaxing, taking yoga exercises, opening my mind to a quiet time. I love to share values on Youtube but living in the heart of Texas is no doubt the best decision I have made. That is why I create an exclusive playlist of Austin in my channel.

Curious? Since we’re friends now, let’s get better acquainted:

Yes, Camila is my real name. Yes, I am overseas landed in the US 16 years ago. The real me according to 23andme I am 89 % European 28.6 % Italian, but I am very proud Brazilian.

I worked a famous NFL football player and did even noticed. Seems weird but yes, it was #hillarious.

I landed in their home and their family and was a short-term experience that I learned a lot. It was part of my 20’s.

I am a coffee lover but I wish I could love tea more.

I was so obsessed for Michael Jackson songs, videos and try dance like him I was a #crazykid .

I was a competitive dancer for a while, so I turned out professional Belly Dancer and made some cash when I could.

I never thought I would be doing this for money. I did and it was a great experience. I have met great professionals and have learned with the besties.

Today life has changed.

I had to have a Hip Surgery and that is the moment of my life I decided to start my YouTube Channel. I want to manage something on my own and from hip surgery I learned to find the ways and niche for once. Social Media Marketing.

I grew up in a house surrounded by business owners. My mother a hairdresser, my Dad a Builder whom not only built homes but helped my mother have her own Beauty Salon.

I knew something would come for me.

I am an avid supporter of Against Women’s Violence as I am a survivor of domestic violence myself.  I had to go thru the ups and downs like all victims. I stand for all the women and almost became a police officer after all, but the plans sudden had changed.

As an actor turned journalist turned entrepreneur. I know what rejection feels like and I can tell you, the fear of failure should not keep you from living the life you love.

If I am doing so can you!


You can reach out to me at camila@camilafontes.com

Or to get started on your own, head over to my channel here to get your FREE TIPS and get the thing going.