About Me

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As a Social Media Expert working with a few clients in the Food and Fitness & Wellness industry I learned a lot. As a human being and a professional marketer, I do learn with my clients because they do have so much to offer.  I do take pride in helping my business owners with marketing needs and efforts,  it is what I am passionate about it.


About Me

I’m Camila Fontes. Wondering what I do? As a small business owner. I am the founder and creator of CF Digital Marketing. When I discovered the world of Digital Marketing I discovered a whole new world full of opportunities and visibility. Today, I get to share this whole journey with you.


My skills

Analytics, Mac, Canva Design, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Scheduling tools later.com, tailwindapp.com, and buffer.com plus Google Trends, Google Ads, Google Keywords, SEO websites analytics, Facebook and Instagram Analytics, Google Docs, Slack, Trello, Zoom and more.






Digital marketing

inbound marketing

SMM Certification

B.S Criminal Justice

About - Camila - Fontes- Digital - Marketer
My Mission

Mission is to turn the leads into a conversation.

To enhance the lives of entrepreneurs and the people they serve. 

1. Best Practices

I educate, support and enable best practices in bosses lives to help accomplish more collectively.

2. Build Relationships

I strong believe in building a relationship with our clients we connect in the biggest level andI support my clients with full attention when needed. 

There is more...

Besides helping business with my existing resources. I decided to master more. That is why I had the chance to get the best education in Digital Marketing.
Today I have more to provide to my clients, brands, and successful entrepreneurs.
Currently, my goals and plans are to continue growing and succeeding. I aim for collaboration, trust, and results. 
Most important without sacrificing business values. 

Camila Fontes Marketer in the office
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